AI in Healthcare

A new wave of neural artificial intelligence is rapidly changing medicine and healthcare. The changes affect everyone from clinicians, predominantly via rapid, accurate image interpretation, over health systems, by improving workflow and the potential for reducing medical errors, and also patients, by enabling them to get individualised therapies to promote health.

Theresa Roland leads the healthcare and medicine group, which optimizes the intensive care supply with AIs and further raises the quality of patient care. Together with a prostheses manufacturer the research team has improved the robustness of active hand prostheses. The team of scientists has developed AIs for medical images that outperform human experts and make them understandable for practitioners.

Currently we are investigating the potential of machine learning for predicting Covid-19 from blood laboratories.

recent publications in AI in Healthcare:

  1. MIDL
    Learning Retinal Representations from Multi-modal Imaging via Contrastive Pre-training
    Sükei, E., Rumetshofer, E., Schmidinger, N., Schmidt-Erfurth, U., Klambauer, G., and Bogunović, H.
    In Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, short paper track 2023
  2. medRxiv
    Machine Learning based COVID-19 Diagnosis from Blood Tests with Robustness to Domain Shifts
    medRxiv preprint doi:10.1101/2021.04.06.21254997 2021
  3. arXiv
    Large-Scale Ligand-Based Virtual Screening for SARS-CoV-2 Inhibitors Using Deep Neural Networks
    Hofmarcher, M., Mayr, A., Rumetshofer, E., Ruch, P., Renz, P., Schimunek, J., Seidl, P., Vall, A., Widrich, M., Hochreiter, S., and Klambauer, G.
  4. Detecting Cutaneous Basal Cell Carcinomas in Ultra-High Resolution and Weakly Labelled Histopathological Images
    Kimeswenger, S., Rumetshofer, E., Hofmarcher, M., Tschandl, P., Kittler, H., Hochreiter, S., Hötzenecker, W., and Klambauer, G.
  5. ICLR
    Human-Level Protein Localization with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Rumetshofer, E., Hofmarcher, M., Röhrl, C., Hochreiter, S., and Klambauer, G.
    In 2018